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About Times is new journal written, illustrated, edited and entirely produced by women, for everyone.

Our goal is to tell stories about the world, and amplify a broad range of voices, experiences and perspectives, going beyond people who already have a platform. We’ll pair up experienced writers with new voices to ensure there are no barriers to participation. (It’s worth saying that while we want a wide set of views, we draw the line at Katy Hopkins and her ilk.)

We’ll have rotating teams collectively creating an edition, so that each has its own tone and shape.

Beautiful illustration by   Sas and Yosh

Beautiful illustration by Sas and Yosh


How can I get involved?

  1. Tell us you want to contribute here.

  2. We’ll let you know when we’re commissioning new articles and invite you to pitch (using our format and following our very simple guidelines)

  3. You pitch

  4. We let you know if we’d like to commission your article.

  5. Inexperience is no barrier to participation - we’ll support you to share your views and experiences

Of course, if you have an great idea for a time-sensitive article, then you should feel free to drop us a line.

What will AT cover?

Each week we will cover a range of topics*, including:

-Current affairs
-Photojournalism, photography & illustration
-Creative writing
-Science, technology &health
-Women’s sport (we’ll just call it sport)
-Make Motherhood Diverse
-Forgotten women

* We don’t cover traditionally “women’s topics” – fashion, beauty, interiors etc. Not because we don’t love them - we do. There’s just lots of it out there already.