“Activism without civil action is just a performance”

Rachel Cargle

Dr Ford has said that her actions of recent weeks and months were her civic duty. Rather than bombard her with messages or be overwhelmed the magnitude of the problem, we wanted to bring together a series of small, but important, actions which you can do (publicly or privately - this isn’t just about performance) inspired by the risks which she took.

At About Times we believe a better world is one defined by caring about one-another, by kindness and community, and action - being the change we want to see in the world.

Maybe you’re already doing something, maybe you have an idea of what to do. But if not - here are some actions.


Give £5 to Victim Focus - a project changing how we address sexual violence.

Their 'Pay it Forward' scheme encourages everyone who can spare as little as £5.00 to 'pay it forward' to someone in need and who might need access to a resource, a workshop, some e-learning or a handbook from VictimFocus. A contribution will help them to provide free resources and learning to everyone.


Offer your knowldge/ skills/ support to your community. Maybe you're a comms specialist, maybe you're a writer or a coach or an illustrator. Maybe you can help someone with their shopping or babysitting. Whatever it is - offer your skills up and help someone on their way.


Pick a day a week when you give up meat. The stats are clear: the negative effect on the climate of Methane (cow farts) is 23 times higher than the effect of CO2.


Download our poster (below) and pop it up around and about, so every woman who sees it gets a little boost. Walls, phone boxes, the info board in your local tube sttation. Just do it surreptitiously so we don't get done for vandalism.

nb - Take a shoot of it on your stories and tag @abouttimesnews and we'll add it to ours too.


Join in with Good Gym: "a community of runners that combines getting fit with doing good" - whether helping older people with tasks or a group with community projects.


Do your bit to tackle loneliness - invite your elderly neighbour for tea and cake or similar.


Make sure you're registered to vote.


Donate to Ruby Rebellion

Ruby Rebellion is a not for profit community interest company dedicated to "raising hell and raising money". Thier mission is to help end the poverty, shame, mental health stigma, gendered language and violence surrounding menstruation.

You can donate products for womxn’s shelters and foodbanks! They're collecting a wide range of products which will be packed into one of their tote bags and distributed to womxn attending various refuges in Glasgow. Use the contact form to find out more.

How to participate:

1.  Download our insta tile (below) or repost directly from insta.

2.  Reuse our explanation and the hashtags so your post can be found (also via the link to make cutting and pasting easy) and to spread the word.

3.  If you’d like to tell Dr Ford about your action then here’s where you do it. You can say what you’ve done/ are proposing to do and also, if you want, why that action is important to you.

4.  If you don’t want to say, that’s fine too – just share the post and the explanation.

5.  Please don’t tag people - this can often feel like a barrier to participation and we want this to be open to everyone.


Save this image to your phone/computer and then you can use it for your post.

Save this image to your phone/computer and then you can use it for your post.

Save the image and then print it on A4 paper - let’s get them  everywhere

Save the image and then print it on A4 paper - let’s get them everywhere