My favourite place to read is… My armchair in my living room with a hot cup of Earl Grey

I could have a meal with any six people, alive or dead, I’d invite… Patrick Stewart, Michelle Obama, Sindhu Vee, Stevie Wonder, Brian Cox, JK Rowling

pele mele.png


My favourite writer is… Contemporary? I've vacuumed up books by Sally Rooney and Jean Edelstein this year. But as an all-time favourite, it's hard to beat Patrick Kavanagh. 

My favourite place to read is… anywhere I can escape my children. Did I say that out loud?



If I had a whole weekend to myself I… wouldn’t know where to start! I never have that much child-free time. I’d probably sleep (!), have a long bath, get a haircut, go to the seaside, and catch up with friends over coffee and cake, as I love the company of others.  

My secret passion is… sifting through charity shops to find hidden gems of clothing.



My favourite place to read is... in the bath (whilst eating chocolate)

My favourite view is... the 100 mile view in Vermont, Canada during the changing of the colours



My favourite writer is… Maya Angelou

My favourite place to read is… in nature



My favourite author is… Robert Harris. Imperium was one the most absorbing, vivid, books I've ever read and I've devoured every other one of his books. An Officer and a Spy was also a particularly fine read. 

If I could have a meal with anyone, alive or dead, I’d invite… The Obamas, I need an injection their brand of hope but I also think they'd be great company, and Amal Clooney as I'd love to meet her and talk to her about her work - and I guess I'd let her bring George. 



My favourite writer is… Shakespeare.

My favourite place to read is… in my garden, under the sun, overlooking the Torridge Valley.

If I had a whole weekend to myself I would… sit in the sunshine, read all the books, listen to listen to Peatbog Faeries Welcome to Dun Vegas on a loop, drink single malt and eat Maltesers and Mexican food, but mostly Maltesers.



If I had a whole weekend to myself I would… fly to Italy for a weekend, and immerse myself in ‘Il Bel Paese’ again. 

My secret passion is… making dresses out of second-hand fabric I find in charity shops. 




My favourite meal is… pizza and white wine at home with a movie. 

My favourite view is… drifting away from lower Manhattan at night on the deck of the Staten Island Ferry. That's home.  Big Ben glowing in the middle of the night from across the Thames reminds of the night my son was born. London is home too. 




My favourite place to read is… on top of a hill or on the top deck of a London bus (front left seat). 

My favourite meal is… a bombastic salad made with at least 10 types of veg. With chips.

My favourite view is… my children. When they’re asleep!



My favourite place to read is… I live in Malé, the capital of The Maldives, which is a very crowded and noisy city. Whenever I get the chance to get out of Malé and go to another island, I love to sit under some trees near the beach and read. I just wish I could do it more often.

If I could have a meal with any six people, alive or dead, I’d invite… David Bowie & Kate Bush so we can talk about their music and the creative process. Fela Kuti for his music but also his politics. The political message in his music was powerful enough to scare the government. Rumi and Shams Tabriz because they saw the world and God in a way that people rarely do. Mohamed Amin Didi, the President of the First Republic of the Maldives. He was a brilliant man who was far too ahead of his time and he died a very tragic death.

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My favourite writer is… Stephen King. I love that feeling of dread that he seems to create so easily. Currently on a Stephen King ban though enforced by the husband, as I need to 'expand my horizons'.

My secret passion is… 1960s and 70s space travel - specifically the Space Race and the Apollo missions (nerd alert!)



My favourite view is… just as you round the peninsula on the way down into Tighnabruaich on the west coast of Scotland, it’s one of the most stunning parts of Scotland, and that’s saying something.

My goal for About Times is… that it continues to grow and grow as a platform for intelligent female writing that sparks debate and pokes at existing narratives.




If I had a whole weekend to myself, I would… hop on a train, go visit a girlfriend and have a sleepover like in our pre-kid days. We’d stay up late, drinking wine and talking shit. Then we’d sleep for hours the next morning. Go for brunch. Drink coffee. I’d read the paper on the journey home, maybe listen to podcasts, probably end up flicking through photos of my kids on my phone.

My favourite meal is… my mum’s octopus spaghetti. I’ll never make it myself, but I’ll always request it when I’m home.




My favourite writer is… Caitlin Moran.

My favourite place to read is... I listen to audiobooks while I am walking.

If I had a whole weekend to myself I would… sleep, eat, walk, read and catch up on a million jobs!

Marianne Miles



My favourite writers are… Nikki Giovanni, Rumi, Maya Angelou and Erica Kennedy (RIP)

Favourite view…?  Scotts Head, Dominica  the exact point where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean

penny wincer



My favourite place to read is… The hammock in my garden in the summer, in a pub in the winter.

If I had a whole weekend to myself I would… I get fairly regular weekends to myself and I usually spend a day writing, reading and seeing a friend for a drink in the evening and then another day walking in the countryside (with a stop off at a pub for more reading of course!)

Emma Svanberg



If I had a whole weekend to myself I would…Ohhhhh I would plan far too much and then end up cancelling everything and reorganising my cupboards

If I could have a meal with any six people, alive or dead, I’d invite… Amazing question. My first choice would be my family, although that would need to be a table of at least 8. Failing that, I’ve gone for idols through my life. Kurt Cobain. Audre Lourde. Irvin Yalom. M.I.A. Molly Ringwald. Serena Williams




My favourite place to read…On a sun lounger. Mostly on holiday when it’s acceptable to lose yourself in a book and ignore everyone, but I’ve recently discovered it’s just as lovely in autumn. There’s a sun trap at certain times of day just outside my backdoor, so I wrap up warm and settle down with a book. If I’m lucky I get a whole 5 minutes to myself.

My favourite view…The open road, well, relatively open, and of course once we’ve cleared the M25. I’m in the passenger seat, husband driving and three kids wedged in the back, a few cases in the book, and a favourite song playing. It doesn’t matter where we’re going, we’re off!




My favourite place to read…Probably at a spa but as that rarely happens I would settle for the couch with a glass of wine

If I had a whole weekend to myself I would…Probably feel a bit lost about what to do with myself after a few hours. But the idea is nice!

Rachel Huber



My favourite writer is…Too hard to choose. Hardly feminist, but I do have a soft spot for the silly escapism of PG Wodehouse.

 My favourite place to read is…That often elusive space of peace and quiet.

Leah Samuel



My favourite writer is… Impossible to answer.

My favourite place to read is…The reality is that my favourite place to read is anywhere that I’m reading, but in an ideal world it would be a reading nook, overlooking a beach, open windows, sea breeze, cushions, unlimited cocktails and desserts.

Paula Perry



My favourite writer is… This is sooooo hard to answer as I have a few for different reasons! I cant possible just give one so here some of my favourite writers Iyanla Vanzant, Amos Wilson, Marcus Garvey, Robin Walker and Jawanza Kunjufu

Favourite meal...?
Fresh fish roasted and stuffed with kora and veg done on a outside coal fire hmmm I'm hungry look

Anna Kessel



If I had a whole weekend to myself I would… Have a lie-in, eat any food I liked without worrying about whether the kids would like it, go out dancing, do something intrepid like wild swimming or SUP or going on a long walk, the sort that small legs don't yet have the stamina for.

My secret passion is… Dancing round the front room with my husband and kids, or in the kitchen on my own once I've finished the washing up!

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Bethie Hungerford


If I had a whole weekend to myself I would … spend Saturday resting, eating delicious foods, and reading or knitting with cups of tea. Once rested, I would spend Sunday throwing a big dinner party or going out with the girls!

My favourite meal is … As an American living in London (though I’m now British as well as of last year!) I miss Mexican food with a passion. I just can’t find anything comparable here in the UK so I do my best to make it at home, but it is never the same. A big Mexican feast with bottomless chips and salsa and a margarita with a salt rim is bliss to me. 

Cee Oh

Cee Olaleye


If I could have a meal with any six people, alive or dead, I’d invite … each of my four grandparents and a translator as, unfortunately, I am not fluent in Igbo.  That's only five people.  Sorry.

My favourite view is … The view of the bush, at sunset, from the top of my parents' house, which is located in Ufuma, Anambra State, Nigeria.  It was one of the heartlands of Biafra during the Nigerian Civil War and I often wonder what things that bush has seen.

Deborah Crewe photo.jpg

Deborah Crewe


My favourite writer is … Hilary Mantel or (secretly) John Le Carre

My favourite view is … Looking towards Horse Guards Parade from the bridge in St James Park. Or the tree out of my bathroom window.

Jennie Agg

Jennie Agg


My favourite writer is …I really couldn’t choose just one, but Maggie O’Farrell, Curtis Sittenfeld and Meg Wolitzer would be up there. 

My favourite place to read is …In my own bed, with clean sheets, box-fresh pyjamas – and no distractions.

kirsty mcsadler

Kirsty McSadler


My favourite view is … The horizon across the sea or the stars at night. I love the enormity of our universe, it makes me feel tiny and humbled but reminds me that anything is possible. 

My goal for About Times: To create a diverse and inclusive community of empowered, informed individuals, striving for change and true equality.

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Lisa Williams


If I could have a meal with any six people, alive or dead, I’d invite …John Waters, Josephine Baker, Nora Ephron, Patti Smith, Pedro Almodovar and Prince.

My favourite meal is … Iranian kebabs with saffron rice, roast tomatoes, pickles, butter, sumac and tadic (try it, it will change your life).


Liz Ward

My favourite writer is … Maya Angelou. Closely followed by Audre Lorde.

My favourite place to read is … On a long train journey back up to my mum's house just outside liverpool. City living doesn't afford me enough time to read!

Lou Mensah.jpg

Lou Mensah


My favourite writer is … Melanie Klein, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie & Haruki Murakami

My secret passion is … Dancehall dance class followed by raiding the sweet cupboard!

nicola washington

Nicola Washington


My favourite place to read is … outside. I have to be warm to be comfortable but summer is not actually my favourite time to read outside. I much prefer a crisp autumnal day, the occasional caress of a gentle breeze, a latte, and a really warm coat.    

My favourite view is … the view from Waterloo Bridge takes my breath away every time - it just reminds me of where I am, and how far I've come to be here. That, or watching my kids play without them knowing I'm there - that's pretty special too.

Rikki Knight

Rikki Knight


My favourite writer is … Jacqueline Wilson, she was my favourite author as a child and opened up my love for reading. What I love about her as a writer is the way that she opens children’s eyes to a number of real-life challenges that people face.

If I could have a meal with any six people, alive or dead, I’d invite … My greatest grandmother, Mother Theresa, prophet Muhammad, Malcolm X, Jada Pinkett Smith and Jesus.


Sara Allen


My favourite place to read is … I have a lovely house, with some very nice furniture (my stuff, mostly rescued from skips; my husband’s, from cool east London mid-century shops). But my favourite place to read is a *hideous* chair from Ikea. Truly - the ugliest thing we own. But, so very soft. Yet firm. I often slept there when I was pregnant and uncomfortable almost all the time. I could sit there for hours with a good book.

If I had a whole weekend to myself I would … Clean. And tidy. And organise. And then wander round my tidy home, revelling in it. Sad, but true. *Wanders off to polish something*


Sarah Rose Gregory


If I could have a meal with any six people, alive or dead, I’d invite …Naomi Klein, Zadie Smith, Assata Shakur, Rukmini Callimachi, Elena Ferante and Yaa Gyasi. Can we really only have six?

My favourite view … Sunset at Siem Reap Cambodia holds a special place in my heart and some views are just so magical they never leave you.

sas and yosh about time.jpg

Sas and Yosh


If I could have a meal with any six people, alive or dead, I’d invite … David Bowie, Neil Gaiman, Slash, Grayson Perry, Frida Khalo, Wes Anderson

If I had a whole weekend to myself I would … be bored!




If I could have a meal with any six people, alive or dead, I’d invite: Theresa May to play Roulette; Tupac to find out the truth about his beef with Biggie; Tony Benn - I don’t even need to explain; Maya Angelou because she gives me strength; My Nan - just to get an idea of where it all started; M.I.A - because she a soul sister.

My favourite view is … watching my children sleep because it reminds me of their innocence, the blessings they bestow upon our home  but also my strength as their mother.


Teresa Law


My favourite meal is … Fish fingers, potato waffles & rose

My secret passion is … Sherlock fanfiction

Emma Oleary



If I could have a meal with any six people, alive or dead, I’d invite… Vivienne Westwood, Gandhi, Iris Apfel, Nina Simone, Johnny Cash, Jane Austen

Favourite meal…? Red Thai curry made by my husband, chief household chef. He learnt to make it in Thailand, where he proposed to me so it takes me back to times filled with food and love

Siobhan Strode



My favourite place to read is… When I’m on holiday. Usually by torchlight in our tent at night once the kids are asleep. Cosy.

If I had a whole weekend to myself I would… Sleep and read and eat cake. And repeat!




If I had a whole weekend to myself I would... go to London and watch the world go by with my camera in hand. I love a bit of people watching.

My favourite view is... from the top of a mountain in France.