Welcome to Edition FIVE of About Times in which explore the creative outputs of women.


To celebrate International Women's Day 2019 we made the decision to spend the day working alongside women. #Balanceforbetter is the theme for IWD 2019 and it resonates for all of our lives - whether as careerists, mothers or carers (or all of the above). So many of our lives are characterised by the hustle, juggle spinning plates and everything being a balancing act.

So today we invite you to stop, pause and reflect. We’re sharing a 12 minute meditation that recorded in your honour and as a gift for you and anyone who you would like to share it with.

We have also focused women who have been bold taken action.

Claire valued the importance of preserving, documenting and sharing a time in place to which she bore witness – a time in which many people who contributed and shaped the culture were written out of history. Claire rights that wrong.

Daria Martin's installation at the Barbican draws thoughts about the correlation between citizenship and identity. 

In this month’s MMI column, Cat shares with us why we ALL have the right to enjoy pregnancy, motherhood - and our lives - judgement free.

These are just a few highlights of this bumper addition. We really hope you enjoy it as much as we have putting it together.

If you have time, we would really appreciate it if you share in on social media and by email to your community. It is really vital that we grow our readership so that we are able to secure the sponsorship which will allow us to pay our contributors for their work. We’ve created a poll to understand in more detail how you can help us grow – it’s here.

Finally, we’re very grateful to Cuckooz Nest, VMLY&R and Third Door for so generously hosting About Timers and helping us to take practical action (rather than just chat) on IWD to tackle loneliness and isolation. Many of you have said this is something you would like to do more often, and we are thinking hard about how to achieve that. 

That’s all for now

Happy International Women’s Day

Sara and Sarah