Editors’ Letter

Beautiful illustration by Sas and Yosh

Beautiful illustration by Sas and Yosh

Welcome to the fourth edition of About Times. An online journal written, designed, illustrated, edited and entirely created on a wave of passion, commitment and vision for change, by women. For everyone.

Sometimes I wonder if we’ll look back on this age as one of unprecedented noise. So much talking, commentating, opining. And social media has just increased the volume. It’s already an overcrowded and homogenous space with loads of shouting and not much listening going on.

Our goal remains to amplify a range of voices and stories which we don’t normally hear. We believe that activism and change come from making time to understand each other’s experiences and perspectives, and in order to do that, we ALL need to listen.

Since New Year we have been bombarded with both militant diet regimes and resolutions that are meant to be broken, and Brexit, at once urgent, terrifying and monotonous.

In this edition we have opted for a third way - not escapism, but reflections on what the world would look like if we stop, breathe and re-angle our lens.

We have two pieces which explore meditation and mindfulness, going beyond the buzz to what they really mean and how to integrate them in your life.

In our time poor society we are always looking for ways to claw back those precious minutes that easily vanish into oblivion, and @theannaedit’s new book is about how to edit your life to make it work for you. We’ve a short piece pulling out her best five suggestions for salvaging moments that could be so easily lost (aka getting your shit together).

We side step into our first in a series of articles celebrating tv series that we have loved. Given our current political turmoil, it is apt that the first series we cover is the West Wing: “I’ll take the sentimental liberal fantasyland over present day politics every time.” (Be warned there are spoilers.)

Our regular Make Motherhood Diverse column has been aptly renamed to Make Motherhood Inclusive - which on reflection it always should have been. In this edition we hear from Hillary who shares her story of motherhood - as a mother who was born with Spina Bifida.

If we eat, breath and defecate in a neo-liberal echo chamber then how do we know what is on the other side? Rather than defending and claiming categories and labels, is it time to challenge, debate and go beyond them?