Four books reviewed —
(or ‘what I learned this year from reading books on resistance’)

We’re 10 months, and I’m 23 books, into 2018. One of my non-New Year’s Resolutions was to make more time to read. Partly as an act of ‘self-care’, but also to get back in touch with the kid who kept a stack of partly read books on her bedside table. That me dipped in and out at a whim, juggling multiple characters and plots in my head, not caring when they melded into one long arc across my imagination.


The time was 09:23. I had made my way directly home from the school run dressed in what I perceived was “active wear”- a solid uniform of baseball cap, oversized tee, colourful yoga leggings - and now realised were the ugliest pair of running trainers the running shop assistant could flog on the fateful day I decided I needed running trainers.  It was a disguise commonly donned in order to avoid the post drop-off playground chatter, enabling me to decline any invitations to morning coffee and croissants with a few other parents without looking completely stand-offish.  Methodology: raising my shoulders and hands in mock exasperation, signalling the inviter’s attention to said active wear, mouthing an over-exaggerated “sorry” and ending with a smile.  It rarely failed.  Today, there was no messing about.

What does Brexit mean for women?

At the time of writing, there are 175 days until we leave the EU. At the time of writing I have Andrew Marr on in the background (other pundits are available) - his guests are still arguing about a second referendum. Andy Burnham just said there will be civil unrest in Manchester if we have one. Sadiq Khan is insisting we need one. The lady from the Daily Mail says we’ll all be OK. Why am I watching this?