Beautiful illustration by   Sas and Yosh

Beautiful illustration by Sas and Yosh

Welcome to the very first edition of About Times. A new online journal written, designed, illustrated, edited and entirely created on a wave of passion, commitment and vision for change, by women. For everyone.

We wanted to create a space for women’s voices. All women’s voices. Ones which we’ll agree with, which make us square our shoulders, make us walk taller. From our people. And others which challenge us, ask difficult questions, make us uncomfortable. But which help us to see how other people see. And become change.

So About Times is a space to explore - different ways of living, being and relating - a blank canvas. We’ll ask ‘what if the baseline was stretched, transformed, so there is room enough for us all?’ What would the world look like then? How would our society, our workplaces and our opportunities change?

About Times will be a creative space too. For stories and poetry and drawing and photography. A place for cookery and reading and reviews. Often created by women whose voices you may not have heard before.

And About Times will be a connected space. We’ll listen to the voices of women who have gone before us. Connected to our past and defining our future. We’ll celebrate overlooked, game-changing women, and we’ll (with thanks to Make Motherhood Diverse) tell stories of mothering now, in all its rich complexity.

Some argue that the horizon is bleak. Often they are right. That doesn’t mean we should shy away from conversations about shaping the future. It makes them all the more vital.

A few months ago we heard a whisper: “We need to hear more women’s voices.” It took on a life of its own, gained traction and gravitas we couldn’t have envisaged. So we’re suppressing our deeply held instinct to ask for permission. That moment has passed. We’re making it happen.

And you are too. It’s evident from the responses to our appeal for help to make About Times happen. So - to each and every one who signed up and committed their time, we thank you. To those who made it to the Southbank, who have liked, shared and commented on our posts, we thank you. To those who have contributed, offered words of encouragement and shared their skills, their art and their gifts with us – we thank you.  

We are so grateful in particular to Lou, who generously wrenched the social media from our incompetent hands and grabbed your attention; to Kirsty, who has made this all look so very beautiful; to Sas and Yosh, whose illustration of the office we wished we worked in we have used as often as we dare; and to Deborah, Jennie, Leah for correcting a myriad of typos.

We will always welcome with open arms writers, editors, illustrators, supporters and any other type of contribution from women, or anyone who identifies as a woman. Inexperience is no barrier. Find out more here.

For now though – we just hope you enjoy our first issue.

Sara and Sarah