Beautiful illustration by    Sas and Yosh

Beautiful illustration by Sas and Yosh

Welcome to the second edition of About Times. An online journal written, designed, illustrated, edited and entirely created on a wave of passion, commitment and vision for change, by women. For everyone.

The first edition set the tone for this space, a baseline on which we’ll build with every issue. The space we have carved out has made people “think, sigh nod and cry” all in one sitting. We’ll continue to bring thought-provoking, challenging and uncomfortable questions to the table, with no apologies made.

So now that we have this space and we no longer need to explain who we are or why About Times is needed, it’s time to get on with the work.

We know the feeling that everything is out of our control, daunting and overwhelming - especially when it comes to the huge task of saving the planet, redressing the imbalance of race and class and questions of inclusivity. So that we often sideline important conversations while we firefight our individual day-to-day issues, knowing that our actual challenges are rooted in wider systemic issues, guilty that we never get to face or confront because we are so distracted.

In this edition we explore whether we, as individuals, are powerless to make a difference. We ask whether the environmental movement has an intersectionality problem. We look at attitudes to consumption and fast fashion and consider whether recycling (ie - vintage) and small businesses with an ethical ethos could provide an antidote.

We sit back and listen to a psychologist examine if it is truly the individual that needs help or if indeed it is society that is sick? We investigate how Brexit has alienated people from their homes, through the stories of women whose lives have been turned upside down.   We explore the power behind the algorithms which in Kavanaugh’s case might have been the nail in his coffin, asking whether it’s a double-edged sword. We share a comical short story and we have had the unique opportunity to explore the life and times of Black women Directors through their differing lenses. This months Make Motherhood Diverse column reminds us all to stop, evaluate and love what we have and do.  

And finally, we’re asking for your help. We want to crowdsource a resource to help schools turn black history month into an everyday narrative.

And, of course, the very existence of About Times - and the support and warm welcome it has received - tells us we are not powerless. We are finding a balance between utter despair, raising our eyebrows and completely shutting off to the things that we feel powerless to resolve.

We have learned that it’s excellent to have Sara(h)s on your team (regardless of how you spell their name). So this is our second letter to you - from your dyslexic, social media phobic, tech-averse, former civil servant, camera-hating founders, who are delighted to be bringing (with the amazing input of an army of women who you can read about in the profile section) the second edition of a game changing journal raising women’s voices where they belong.


ps - we’ve had some fantastic feedback for which we’re so thrilled. Do keep sending it to us, we’re collating it as part of our pitch for funding in the coming months!

“A compelling read, I found it really helpful and digestible for the reader. Also loved the fact that you include a reading time for your articles!
Certainly impressed by what I’ve seen so far. Quality and content look superb. You should be so proud”