The saying goes
women hold up
—half the sky.

But it doesn’t feel like that. Not in boardrooms, in the Houses of Parliament, in the news, on the borders of Mexico, the island of Nauru or in creating a policy like Prevent on our own soil.

After 100 years of women’s suffrage we’re still under-represented everywhere. Our views are not the norm, our perspective is an add-on, what’s newsworthy is decided for us. The tone, the gaze, the filter is absolutely one-sided.

Beautiful illustration by   Sas and Yosh

Beautiful illustration by Sas and Yosh

We’re not here to preach to the converted. We’re not here to give women a voice (they already have one). We’re not here to ask for seats in a boardroom, keys for a locked door, an axe to smash the glass ceiling or crumbs from an unwilling table.

We’re here to carve out a space, without asking for permission, and to redefine the game. We’re here to amplify multiple voices so we can all hear them (a few will not speak for the many).

We’re here to provide balance, perspective and insight.

We’re here to challenge everyone, to step out of our echo chambers and explore the world through a different lens.

We’re tired of waiting for doors to be opened for us. It’s time to create our own. This is an opportunity to build on what our sisters started, by establishing our relevance in a digital age.

We’re About Times.

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